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watch her run; with ribbons undone

17 August
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i lost my faith when i hit reality. hate telling people my name. hate those go round the circle introductions. hate deadlines. love the rush of late minute scurrying to finish what's due. we want what we cannot have. have to learn to take pride in me. going to a university that will hopefully redeem hopes in me. dreams bigger than i can achieve. believe in each minute for itself. love the rain. love sleeping when it's raining even more. almost always incoherent. revel in childlike ways. hate being judged, but realize that it's inevitable anyway. emotional. very emotional. sweet tooth which does not explain my strange passion for red m&m's. the sky should always be sunset red. have an affinity for funny, unusual words. bon jovi speaks my heart. spend too much time dreaming and not doing. my thoughts seldom make sense. curl into a ball when i sleep. hopeless romance can never be disillusioned. have to learn to talk less; listen more. wish someone would sing me a love song. words in their written form touch me more than any spoken one can. wild child lurks inside. still wondering how i'd die. &if anyone will come to my funeral. believer of idealistic notions that reality shatters every moment. impulsive. tomorrow is a ride that goes nowhere. everyday you know you're dying, from the cradle to the grave. hate introductions; but do them anyway.

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